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Rochester Visitor Housing Association

Have you used the Rochester Visitor Housing Association when you planned your trip to Rochester, MN? Why not write a review and let others know how you feel. If you have a question on posting a review you can reach our office Mon. - Fri., 10 AM till 5 PM

All reviews are accepted and checked for spam. Reviews are to inform our Visitors of how the RVHA provides valuable individuals information and conveys travelers experiences.


Reviews and Testimonials from our visitors

1/ 26 /2016.... You can trust this site for real assistance.

Our daughter had to come to Mayo Clinic for a month and possibly more. We didn't want an extended stay hotel with the OJ in the morning. We are from a open area in Kentucky and a cramped place to live wouldn't work... My friends and I searched Goggle and found the RVHA and others options. This site allowed direct contact with properties, no computer back and forth. Thank you site, you helped make things come together for me and my family.

10/16/2015.... A web site with a telephone number you can actually call, live people with advise and answers.

My husband and I travel to Rochester twice a year. I have been a patient at Mayo Clinic and need follow-ups. Staying at hotels is not the perfect answer for us so we called the Rochester Visitor Housing Association. To my surprise a living person answered the phone not a recorded message. If your tired of emailing and texting, if your sick of voice mail boxes and want straight answers, this is the place to contact for a safe place to stay.

Robert and Marlene Kettleson Michigan City Indiana

7/23/2015... I have been renting furnished short term rentals across the country, this BY FAR was the worst ever.....

I came across the RVHA searching Goggle for which I could have my voice heard. I spoke with they're office and expressed my dissatisfaction with Green Dragon Midwest Properties.business practices and they patiently listened. They offered me help although it was out of they're responsibilities I wish I knew about the RVHA prior to renting from Green Dragon they were aware of this property and had received other complaints. The good things are I'm going back to Rochester and the RVHA is going to be my go to people next time around.. I have already spread the word about how nice and helpful they are. Other then that, the Mayo Clinic is nothing but impressive in every aspect. Thank you RVHA for awesome customer care.

Donna Zadeh ,Los Angeles California

Management Response: On there move-in, the guest and her husband, were upset for having to pay the rent with a money order because they had forgot to send a personal check to me. On the move out day, she became angry when I charged her a $25.00 cleaning fee since they forgot to mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. Donna and her husband asked to clean the apartment themselves to avoid a $50.00 cleaning fee. My properties are inspected by the City of Rochester and we have many positive statements from previous guests.

RVHA comments: Beware of independent sites as Craigslist and others, they can ruin your trip. Its difficult to make a judgement when a private owners web site cannot be reviewed on search engines.

I'd like to thank the RVHA for the information provided on the website and the courtesy shown to me by phone and e-mail. It was easy to find your site and I am glad that we found you.Please tell Kay and Judy I appreciated thier input, it helped make my journey go smooth. Your company made my medical trip to Rochester much easier.

Katie Peterson Anchorage, Alaska

I found the RVHA web site and called.. The lady I spoke with was compassionate and took my information and said she would call back, Fifteen minutes latter  the RVHA called back and gave me the number for Grandeville Apartments and explained why it was important to call right away, I did. There are a lots of hotel spaces but if your looking for more, call the Association

Mitzi Steiner Dayton Ohio

My daughter is serving an internship at Mayo Clinic so Mom wanted to help her find a place. I spoke with Dennis at Rochester Visitor Housing and I just want to say thanks. He referred us to Residence of Old Town Hall something that we could afford and that she could  walk to work. Nice site

Carla Garcia

Help, and that's what we got..  I called and left a message and they returned my call in 10 minutes. It was great to talk to a live person. Once I started navigating their site, I found everything I needed. I enjoyed the selection of restaurants in Rochester Everyone in your city is was very nice.

W Stephens MD Milwaukee WI

5/15 2015... One call and I got it all

My sincere appreciation and many thanks to Judith at the Rochester Visitor Housing Association, one call and I got it all. Their site helped me find a place to stay during my two month procedure at the Mayo.... I have had to do a lot of praying and you church guide introduced me To Autumn Ridge. Thanks again for your time and all your kindness.

Horst  Meyer, Green Bay Wisconsin

Steven Bloomberg, South Bend Indiana

3/18/2015... I'm a traveling Nurse

I am a traveling nurse and have to move around from city to city. The agency I work for does not make accommodations for my stay. I have tried other sites but this one was the best and most complete to help me get settled in Thanks for your help there.

Cynthia Mississippi

There is a difference between housing and hotels. I did a search on the web for Short Term Housing and founds the visitor association. One stop shop and I almost found most everything I needed to know. I selected Riverview Suites a condo building near down town, they were great to work with.

Sandy Thorpe RN Madison WI

It was a pleasure to work with Dennis I learned more in 10 minutes then searching the web half the day. It is still nice to talk to people.

Sherwin Katz Skokie3 IL

Mayo Clinic was wonderful, I did not want to go but saw what dedicated people can do when I went for testing. I was told  I would be there a month or more and wanted more then a room. Dennis at the RVHA gave me the direction to navigate the site and comforting assurance that the Mayo was a great place.

I wanted to be close to the Clinic and he explained the options between the companies at the site. The prices were fair in comparison to a hotel with a coffee pot. and a Micro. A special thanks to all the kind people in Rochester MN and the help i got from this site

Sue Ann Haroldson Atlanta GA.

Jacob Samuels Fort Meyers FL

I travel  frequently for my practice this time it is for my health at Mayo Clinic.   My office uses Trip Advisors which is basically a discount hotel site. There discount travel companies are sometimes misleading verses going directly to the source. A review from that site helped me discover the RVHA. To the unsatisfied  traveler that mentioned this site in the review, I like to say thanks.  All the people I spoke to were genuine and were experienced.. The  property selection excelled my expectations. I spoke to their Director who explained everything at their site. Good people and highly recommended..

William Grassly, Senior MD Los Angelus CA

I came across this site searching for furnished apartments in Rochester. Thanks for being around you made everything simpler

Betty Hasson Portland OR